I'm an artist and my medium is storytelling. 


My mother is an artist and educator. She taught me to allow my imagination to run wild and appreciate the arts. I connected to much of the performing arts at an early age. Music was my first love. I gravitated towards that because the connection was a way to disconnect from alot of the turmoil surrounding my life at the time.  


Discouraged initially from studying the arts  I went to Fordham University for Business and Fashion Merchandising. After graduating with my Bachelors of Science I had a full career in fashion for five years. Fashion merchandising was demanding field that was engaging at times, but, I soon lost a passion for it. New York surrounded me with an atmosphere of people doing what they love with out fear and reminded me of my roots. Everyone had a unique story to tell and I wanted to tell it.


I turned to acting because it was not only a way to understand the human condition on a more personal level but embodied all of the things I love about the performing arts. I abandoned my rise in fashion and decided to go for the dream.


I currently have my MFA and I am a graduate of The Actor's Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York City and a finalist at the Actors Studio. Summer 2015 I was accepted into the prestigious British Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oxford London and finished out my studies there under the tutelage of teaching artist's from Yale and BADA. I have performed in multiple off-broadway plays one of which was nominated for the prestigious  Audelco Award and I am now under management with Jenevieve Brewer Talent Management.


Look out for me in the upcoming film Cleoblacktra directed by Eli Linnetz for the Globe Theater in California, in the webseries Shades of Queer by Brian Wade, and the development of my one woman show Mama's 19. I have also started a monologue series called The Passed Down Project which launches January 2016.


Everyday I count my blessings.  When ever I decide to do something I simply just do it. I put all my determination and love into my work. I always look forward to the many stories I will get to tell along this journey and my hope is that I will inspire and touch lives in the process. I feel blessed to have found myself and my calling. 


I am finally home and looking forward to what's next on my journey. 






main photo: Kwesi Abbensett. Please give credit if you use any of these photos.