Conceptualized by Javana Mundy and created and co-founded with Yha-Mourhia Wright The Passed Down Project came out of their passion and personal interest in promoting and supporting unheard stories through active filmed storytelling. Both ladies are actors and met while studying at Pace University's Actors Studio Drama School.

Having full experience being two artist of color in an industry not built for that, partnering up to shine new light on diversity of all cultural backgrounds in the media seemed liked the only step forward.

Being a woman of color who is an artist in an industry that has made barely any space for me, has written no space for me, or maybe chooses to not give a voice, exposure, or a platform to the writers who have written a space for me. To feel how far I have to reach to have roles that are defiantly human, rich, and honest consistently for someone who looks like me, tell’s stories like me, is tormenting to the artist. I knew it wasn’t impossible. It only made sense that I would also write and produce to alleviate that lost feeling. I thank the Shonda’s, Mr. Lee’s (Spike and Daniels), the Ava Duvernays, Aziz’s, Issa Rae’s, Kenya Barris, Mindy Kaling’s, Jenji Kohan’s, Ryan Murphys, and Ryan Cooglers of today. There are so many more but yet we still have a long way to go for everybody. We are here to encourage and help push the human story forward.”

— - Javana Mundy Creator & Founder
Passed Down Project allowed collaboration as a writer and an actor. It relieved the multiple layers that I consistently live with. I’ve struggled many times with feeling fractured, not knowing how to merge my artistic existence. This gives me the place to encourage other’s to do so and to also learn from the diverse stories around me. Many times we feel confined to telling one story, living life one way and that lessens our ability to live fully. To me the Passed Down Project is giving birth to so many of us during this tumultuous time to still have a place to live freely and fully.
— Yha - Mourhia Wright Co-Founder