Passed down for Highschool students

Do you day dream in class of your name in lights, danced on the moon since you could walk, or have a real knack for storytelling and not just to your mom about that class you skipped. Do you envision the Cinderella story to be an epic biopic renamed Cinderfella? 

If that weird world of the arts is calling you and no adult can get your head out of those thrilling clouds then ask yourself what is your plan for life after highschool to achieve these artistic idiosyncracies you cannot live without?

Should you go to college or is it a money trap and keeping you further from attaining your best artistic self.  Or if you do go to school does that mean you are tied down to just one major and one artistic outlet? 

How do your dreams inform choices about your choice of schools, what your major might be, what courses you should take, and what experiences should you pursue inside and outside of the classroom?

What type of scholarship and grant programs are out there for artist? Is there job sustainability in the arts? If these are questions that may have crossed your mind Passed Down is coming to community/school near you in the tri-state area to help answer them or give you clarity on what the industry is really about and what it has to offer. 

Starting WINTER/SPRING 2018 semester, Passed Down will host a variety of speakers during our Passed Down Community Headstart Career Speaker Series. These speakers will talk about their career paths and the world of employment and business with in the arts and entertainment. From professional performers in theater and film to filmmaking and production, education, the non-profit sector, design, finance and much more. There will be a range of career opportunities to be discussed.

These talks are terrific opportunities to learn about the business of the arts, internships (many are paid), and employment opportunities from a wide range of employers in and around the country.

Once launched there will be brief descriptions below on many of the companies or independent speakers participating with their websites prior to the presentations. 

Come prepared with questions! If you are seriously interested in the company or career for that scheduled day signup, meet, greet, and set up an interview!

Get a headstart in your last year: If you are a junior or have finished your first semester of your senior year some of the companies at the Career Speaker Series will be scheduling interviews for internships and full-time summer internship positions on campus the week after their speaking event. A signup sheet will be circulated at the speaking event. Contact your academic school counselor for further information and help with resume and interview preparation.

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