An artist muse : KWESI ABBENSETT

Becoming an adult in New York City is full of extremes. As an artist finding your way can be a roller coaster ride. It definitely has its highs and lows, however one thing I have always had so much love for is the artistic friendships I have built over the years and the very outrageous experiences I have had along the way.

NYC is known as the hub for artists of all backgrounds and mediums. This is where it’s at for the artist established or upcoming. You can meet Kehinde Wiley shopping at the Nike store have a few words and you may have just leveraged yourself an interview and new job. You can work at the hottest restaurant in the city book a role and jump start your career with the connections you made while up-selling a pepper shrimp (Shout out to Miss Lily’s). You can even ride the train, compliment someones look, and be invited to an event where you build creative relationships that flourish and grow for years to come. I have always been amazed at the split second connections that can be made. It is not always magical but it certainly can have some instant gratification if you are down for the ride. New York is where I have found some of my life tribe and I am so grateful for that.

One of the first artist connections I made where collaboration was at the forefront was with my good friend Kwesi Abbensetts. An accomplished photographer and visual artist based out of Brooklyn and worldwide. He tells stories of the black diaspora through his film, photography, and paintings. These stories are rooted in the Carribbean, the US, and throughout the world. I am honored to have worked with him during much of my personal artistic growth in New York.

I remember a conversation I had with him about documenting exclusively people of color and he stated that is the only group he has interest in shooting. He had nothing against the rest of the world it was just where he felt moved to create and storytell with his work. That always inspired me. The stories of my community and I can’t be told better than we can tell them. Please go support and follow this brilliant artist at: You can purchase his work and just get inspired.