Hey Peoples!

So, This summer is wrapping up and I never even caught everyone up on how it has been going! Lawdy! Lawdy! So, it has been quite eventful. Festivals, Solo shows, Traveling OH MY! Yes, I love a good Wizard of Oz reference. It is indeed my jam. This post is dedicated to my solo show.

MAMAS 19 The Play was incredible!!!!!

It was time consuming, and overwhelming, and financially draining to say the least. It has made me feel invincible. The support was so beautiful and my ancestors had my back the whole way. I literally feel like I can do anything. What a whirlwind. All I can say is if you are thinking of doing a solo show as an actor or artist. DO THAT SHIT! OK! You will learn alot about yourself and what you are actually capable of.

One thing I have learned is get a team that believes in the work. You have that you have everything. This was a workshopped production that I put up as a play under festival standards. It was certainly a big learning curve but I came out with so much takeaway and a new fire inside me to finish this thing and tour it around the country and parts of the world. My next steps are to perform it as a workshopped piece once more in the fall and then finish the play and submit it for grants and to theaters to be produced and put up for at least a month run in New York next year. I would like to take this to LA, ATL, CHI TOWN, COPENHAGEN (By request), JAPAN (There is actually a huge black american population there), and CHINA. Oh yes! This show is going on the road and I am to excited to make it happen (once I recharge and my pockets are back in order of course). You have to speak what you want into existence. That has gotten me pretty far so let’s keep pushing. Below are a few photos and footage of some press surrounding the show. If you missed it, don’t worry I will be doing it again (and better then before).